• Series No.: Z45X
  • Material: GGG40/GGG50/WCB/CF8/CF8M(Ductile Iron/Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel)
  • Category:

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Nominal Diameter:  DN40-1000

Nominal Pressure PN : 1.0-1.6 (MPa)

Test Pressure (water) Ps(MPa):

Body test:    1.5*PN

Sealing test: 1.1*PN

Resilient Seated Gate Valve Standard:

Design standard conform to:  DIN 3352, AS 2638.2, BS5163, AWWA C515/C509

Connection Flange standard: EN1092-2 PN16, AS2129 Table E, ASME B16.42, GOST Standard, GB Standard

Face to face standard conform to:  DIN3202 F4/F5, AS 2638.2, BS5163, SABS 664, ANSI B16.0, GOST Standard

Test Standard conform to: ISO 5208, AWWA C509

Resilient Seated Gate Valve Design characters:

  1. Replaceable O-ring
  2. Rubber encapsulated wedge
  3. Fusion bonded epoxy coated inside and outside ensures perfect rustproof performance.
  4. Different rubber material as sealing, offering good corrosion resistance performance. Also achieves zero leakage very well.
  5. Special design of gate valve has low operation torque and longer service life.